Didier Lab Sculpture Polybase is a combination of Base, Colour and Gel hybrid in a single formula. This is a TRIPOLYMER technology that allows you to get the job done quickly and flawlessly.


The formula contains an  advanced TPO compound  responsible for rapid hardening of polymers even at high  pigment contents and ensuring that the material binds well to the nail plate. Very high pigment content and viscous texture enable the product to form and even restore the nail architecture of the nail with minimum effort. Unique, viscous, well pigmented texture ensures smooth colour and nail surface.


 Sculpture Colour Polybase combines the best properties of base, polish and gel:

  • Binds very strongly  to the nail plate
  • Easy application and nail plate formation
  • 1 layer application, easy and quick nail painting. Non-runny consistency.



  • 1 layer application
  • Base and colour 2 in 1
  • Sculpture
  • Immediately conceals any nail imperfections
  • May be used for French manicure
  • Elastic texture
  • Viscous consistency
  • Self-levelling




  • Prepare the nail plate as usual
  • Remove excess grease and moisture from the nail plate using Didier Lab Dehydrator
  • Apply Extra Bond With Vitamins on all nails. DO NOT DRY WITH A LAMP!
  • Use a generous amount of sculpture polish if you want to apply only a single layer. Apply it on the nail by gently moving the brush over the surface of the material. When applying two layers - use a much smaller amount for the first layer of the polish.  Dry for 2 min using LED lamp 60s / UV 
  • Apply the selected Top Coat. Dry in LED lamp 60s / UV for 2min.



Sculpture colour Polybase must be removed with a nail drill . It cannot be dissolved!

Sculpture Polybase "Didier Lab", French white, 10ml

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