Thanks to unique structure of Premium Spider Gel. It gives you unlimited possibilitie for a thin lines. like spider web. The consistency of the gumgets on your nails with incredible thin lines. Rich and strongly pigmented color consistency will make visible even the thinnest lines.


High texture of the pigmentation

Lines do not run down and do not lose shape

Rich and strongly pigmented color consistency

How to use:

Overlaying the interior design elements with the top layer of nail polish top coat

Uppper nail design elements leaving the terrain


Premium Spider Gel can be applied whit the thin brush, wooden stick, metal or silicone-thin tool. It is recommended to decorate the relief design on a matte varnish-covered nail,then the design will become even more noticeable. When decorating on a glossy surface, it is necessary to remove sticky from the color or the top coat. 

Premium Spider Gel "Didier Lab", white

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