Polygel Didier Lab is neither an acrylic resin nor a hard gel. However, it combines the best of both in an all-in-one system that is undeniably the best. Polygel TriPolymer technology offers anti-gravity performance for a wonderfully easy, no-overflow application. Its unique consistency similar to putty makes it possible to obtain a color and a smooth nail without imperfection. The Polygel formula combines the strength of the acrylic resin with the ease of working of the base gel, which uses photoinitiators that are easier to handle and less objectionable to odor than the monomers. The dust of the TriPolymer is also 30% heavier than the dust of the resin and gel, so it falls on the table instead of remaining suspended in the air. TriPolymer Technology is composed of: Oligomers of the gel + Polymers of the acrylic resin + Polymers of the varnish. 


No odor / light odor

Does not contain monomer

Stronger than resin, more flexible than gel

Unique consistency that makes it easy to work

Very stable on the nail plate

Does not heat up under the effect of lamp

No dust suspended in the air, is immediately deposited on the table

Natural nail feeling

Polygel "Studios Didier", milky pink, 30ml

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