Nail extension molds Polygel, 100pcs

Flexible and durable reusable nail extension shapes are perfect for working with Polygel. Thanks to these shapes, augmented nails will look natural and graceful. They are very easy to use for advanced masters, beginners and those who want to extend nails for themselves.

- Perfect shape of a beautiful nail

- 100 pcs in a package

- Easy to use

- Time saving and minimal abrasion to give shape

- Reusable

- Made of  plastic

Method of use:

Choose the right size for your existing nail shape. The shape should be chosen slightly larger than the size of the nail. Squeeze out the Polygel and take the ball of material with a metal spatula. Apply Polygel to the inside of the nail shape and distribute it evenly with a Polygel brush. Form and control the desired amount of material. Before curing in the lamp, press and hold very lightly for a few seconds to make sure that the Polygel has adhered and no air gaps have formed. Cure the LED 30s, UV 60s in the lamp. Carefully remove the mold from the nail. The surface of the nail remains shiny and smooth. Additional filing is almost unnecessary. Use a file to give the desired free nail edge. Apply nail polish or top coat with nail polish.

Polygel Nail forms "Didier Lab"

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