Attention, no brush included. This is a refill.


Unique formula of “Didier Lab” rubber base coat established this product as one of the highest quality base coats in the market!
It is thicker than the usual consistency of other gel polish bases. Because of this, it is easy to work with, to form the architecture of the nail, and to reconstruct the nail up to 5mm while maintaining the natural arch of the C-shaped nail. Guaranteed wearing time is 2-3 weeks. At the same time rubber base, it is very elastic, non-shrink, non-circular, does not crack and remains unchanged throughout the wearing time. It also dissolves very well and there is no need to use files or nail drills.
This base meets all the requirements of the masters!

• Flexible

• Viscous consistency helps to remove irregularities

• Self-levelling, easy and even coating

• Possible to form nail architecture

• Nail extension to 5mm

• Wearing time 2 – 3 weeks

• Easy dissolvent ( 5-7 min)

• Properly prepare the nail plate: do hygienic manicure, matt nail surface with Didier Lab Buffer, Degrease each nail plate using a lint-free wipe moistened with Didier Lab Nail Prep Dehydrator. Wait for 10-20 s until the liquid evaporates. Depending on the nail plate condition use Didier Lab Bond or Primer.

• Apply a thin layer of Didier Lab Rubber Base and cure in a UV lamp 60S, Led in a 30S lamp

• Apply nails to selected gel polish color (2 layers)

• Finish the manicure with Didier Lab Rubber Top Coat IMPORTANT! To get the maximum effect use Didier Lab Rubber Top Coat. It will provide elasticity, wearing time and extreme shine with 100 %

Gel polish, Rubber base coat 'Didier Lab' refill, 15ml

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