Highest-quality acid-free gels! Ideal for nail extensions, formation and modelling. Can be used for nail decorations and coating of the nail plate of a natural nail. Very easy to work with.

Acid free camouflage gel with slightly thick consistency and medium-viscosity, evens out by itself and does not flow off a nail plate. This product does not crack, become yellow or heat the nail plate! A unique formula provides strong adhesion to the nail plate of a natural nail. A perfect consistency of the gel allows easy and precise shaping of the nail by giving it the desired shape and length. You can choose from 7 gorgeous shades: Glass, Intensive White, Pink Glass, Pink Mask, Rosa, Milky Pink, Blue.

Curing duration: 90s under a LED lamp, 3min under a UV lamp.

Premium Builder gel 'Didier Lab', Milky Pink 50g

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