The most important component of a brush is the hair. After a detailed analysis of specific application developers created brush line for technicians.
Didier Lab brushes are made primarily from highest quality Tiger Toray synthetic hair. This hair is the best synthetic hair in the market and is equivalent to marten hair. The result of this hair is a choice of gel brushes that remain flexible, holding solid shape even when it has a lot of liquid. Gel application for technicians will be precise and easy.

Gel brush “Didier lab”, No6, oval (red sable synthetic)

SKU: 3760247803662
  • Features and benefits: 
    -High quality synthetic hair 
    -High elasticity 
    -High shape retention 
    -Highest liquid holding capacity 
    -Perfect for gel application 
    -Single fiber is extremely conical shaped 
    -For effortless modeling of the gel 
    -For exact modeling up to the edge of the nail