Fiber Base Gel - Innovative Super-texture technology. Strong and elastic gel with synthetic fibreglass particles. The tool has nail-binding and nail-strengthening properties. The synthetic Nylon fibres contained are evenly distributed and perform the main function of nail reinforcement-bonding throughout the wear. Contains  vitamin E for the restoration of weak, brittle and weakened nails. Calcium (Ca) is necessary to maintain and ensure nail strength. Designed for all types of nails, especially problematic ones.


  • Nail reinforcement
  • Nail reconstruction
  • Extensions (as an additional feature if required)
  • Modelling technique "without filing"
  • Masking (depending on the shade you choose)
  • Soluble
  • Removal milling / filing

Texture features:

  • Nail strengthening
  • Reconstruction of the nail 
  • Modeling 
  • Extension (in addition if necessary) 
  • Modelling technique without filing 
  • Coverage (depending on the chosen shade) 
  • Dissolves in acetone
  • Can be removed with a file / sander

Fiber base gel "Didier Lab", Shimmer Nude, 10 ml