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Didier lab story takes place in Paris, France.

It is a professional nail care brand expanding worldwide, incorporating production of nail care and design products, professional academy as well as beauty services.

Didier, a French name signifying desire, celebrates the sense of craving and is a metaphorical confession of fashion lust. Fashion is an enigmatic universe, it is a constant journey through our senses such as imagination, memory and... desire. Desire is a driving force, it is spontaneous and sensational. In desire lies not a promise but a hope of satisfaction. Desire leads into temptation of trying something new, something undiscovered, something extraordinary. Always. Didier is not perceived with eyes but with brains.

It allures, it hypnotyzes it is a „must have“.

First you desire, you fall in love and then suddenly you attach. It is inescapable state of mind.

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